Coronavirus Conspiracies


The Coronavirus is a very harmful and contagious disease that’s causing a lot of stress and worry at the moment. However, there’s also a lot of confusion and myths about the virus too. So here, I am providing some light relief and debunking some myths and conspiracies about the virus.

karaoke_1First, I’d like to remind everyone that karaoke parties are not essential. Shocking I know! So please, do not go to your friend’s house for a karaoke party, and do not host a karaoke party and invite people who aren’t in your house. And for karaoke parties with members of your household…they’re allowed, but please remember we’re all stuck inside. I’m confident your neighbours don’t want to hear your attempts at reaching the high notes in Whitney Houston’s I will always love you. So keep the volume down!

I’m confident that everyone has heard about the rumours that 5G caused the coronavirus. However, there is 0 evidence to support this claim. What a surprise! In case you are unfamiliar with this rumour, many believe that the 5G wireless technology caused coronavirus because it weakens the immune system. Which isn’t true. This rumour has spread because of claims that Wuhan was the 1st city to receive 5G. Yet, Wuhan was one of a number of cities that received 5G and those cities haven’t experienced the same outbreak of coronavirus.                      Additionally, a new rumour has begun to spread that the British government set up the clap for our NHS as a weekly event so no one hears their 5G tests that makes a loud buzzing sound. Again, this is not true. Please continue clapping for the NHS.

downloadThere is absolutely no proof that eating garlic will prevent coronavirus, as nice as garlic bread is. Yet one woman believed this would protect her and she ate 1.5kg of raw garlic. Whilst there is no report that she has coronavirus, she did end up in the hospital with an inflamed throat. So please, abstain from eating raw garlic.

Tangled+750x500Personally, I don’t believe that the Disney film Tangled predicted coronavirus. However, I can’t deny that the signs are there. Rapunzel was locked away in a tower and wasn’t allowed to go outside. She was being kept from the kingdom called Corona. So maybe time travel does exist? But I very much doubt this is more than a strange coincidence.

originalAnd finally, is there no coronavirus? Are we just being told to stay inside so the government can change the batteries in the birds? I’d have to say no. we cannot ignore the tragedy that coronavirus is and the lives it’s taking across the world. And obviously, the birds are solar-powered!

Please stay at home! Listen to all of our episodes here on SoundCloud to keep you company in this lonely time and look after yourselves!

Written by Rachael Hughes


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