Liverpool’s pilot events scheme shows no significant rise in cases in the area

Liverpool Public Health officials and scientists revealed there was no significant increase in COVID cases following the pilot events that took place in the city

The series of events included a three-day business festival commencing on the 28th April, a two day nightclub event taking place on the 30th April and 1st May, and concluded with a Sefton Park gig on 2nd May.

Attendees were required to take a test prior to the events, and up to seven days after the events. Once inside the venues, attendees were not required to socially distance or to wear face coverings.

More than 13,000 people attended events across all venues and dates. Only eleven out of the 13,000 who attended tested positive for COVID at or after these events took place. Those who tested positive were followed up by track and trace.

The research team behind the COVID pilot events said that between 25% and 43% of respondents returned a PCR tests after the events took place. The 43% that returned a PCR test were attendees of the Blossoms Sefton Park gig. Organisers at the event had created an incentive that meant those who returned a PCR test could win tickets to a future gig, which increased test returns.

Examining the data of the Cheshire and Merseyside regions saw no significant increase in the spread of COVID, in what is encouraging news for the hospitality and night-time industry, which Liverpool’s economy largely relies on.

Matt Ashton, of Liverpool Public Health, said that the events were “undoubtably a success” and that the pilot scheme was “incredibly important” in the reopening of the entertainment and hospitality industry.

As part of our special features programme, we spoke to Liverpool student and event goer Tom Haslam, who described the event as “quality” and one of the best moments of the year. He was able to return negative tests both before and after the event.

We also spoke to 24 Kitchen Street venue manager Josiah Worth, who told us of 24 Kitchen Street’s own struggles with the pandemic, changes and improvements to the venue and what’s next for 24 Kitchen Street after reopening.

Our Liverpool Pilot Events special feature is available on Spotify and Soundcloud streaming platforms now.

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