An alternative look at COP26: Who is missing?

The 26th meeting of the Conference of the Parties, or COP26, took place between the 31st of October and the 12th of November and was meant to be a holistic event bringing together all those on the planet who have a stake in the damage being done by climate change. With COP being such an important event, the question has to be asked about who isn’t there? Who doesn’t have ‘a stake’ in the climate?

With most large scale media focusing on who was at COP and what was happening, on the show I chose to examine who isn’t part of COP26’s goal to “coordinate action to tackle climate change”. The three groups I cover that are not at COP26 are political leaders, major fossil fuel companies, and climate activists deemed too radical.

A theme can be found within the leaders who chose not to attend in that they are authoritarian politicians with their power and support linked to their respective states economic performance. This issue is especially applicable to Vladamir Putin in Russia and Xi Jinping in China, with both men leading countries that export and produce coal, oil and gas and any climate change commitments would almost certainly involve scaling back of these industries.

The real interesting part of this story is examining climate activists and why they oppose COP26, especially when considering the conference is meant to be a huge step forward in platforming activists and the pushing of green politics and agendas. In the aftermath of COP, it is clear world leaders did little to address activists claims that COP is pointless so long as many of the political parties and politicians involved receive lobbying money and campaign donations from fossil fuel companies. No major commitments in that area were discussed let alone considered for passing.

Furthermore more nothing has been done to address climate activists issues with the lack of developing state representation at COP due to vaccine shortages. While most developed economies have been able to use the vaccine to stop the spread of Covid-19 to allow attendance at COP, many developing nations have vaccine programs still in their infancy.

Click the Spotify link below to here to the full segment on this topic and the full Liverpool Politics International Show here –

Featured Image Credit – Alamy Stock Photo

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